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there is space for more people to gather, more people to worship, and more people to learn and grow in Jesus. More space for the church to gather. Because it feels like our church body has gotten stuck in clothes that are a few sizes to small.

If you’re reading this brochure, you probably know the bottom line – funds are needed to help this vision become a reality. Together – and it will take all of us – we have the opportunity to build a functional, spacious building to help us meet our ministry goals of equipping everyone we know to become more like Jesus. I’m excited that we get to continue to work at this together.

Thank you for being the church. Thank you for cultivating passion for becoming more like Jesus and helping others to do the same. Let’s keep at it.


You remember the old hand trick – “Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors, see all the people?” It’s easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking that a church is a building situated somewhere on a piece of land, or that it’s just the room that holds the people. The bible is pretty clear, though, that the church is not a ‘what’ but a ‘who.’ The church is not a building to gather people – the church is the people!

The church is meant to be a growing, maturing body. The church is supposed to be a gathering of people joined together by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The church is a group of disciples committed to their own personal growth and passionate about sharing the Gospel. At Media Mennonite Church, we are those things. Along with our brothers and sisters around the world, we are the church.

While the church is not a building, good buildings are extremely helpful tools that can help us continue to be the church. We’ve been dreaming and praying for years about how we can expand our facilities so that

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